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Business Information


  1. Export & Import Documentation

All our butterfly pupae are shipped with a copy of an export permit issued by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), A Phytosanitary Health Certificate, Veterinary Certificate and a copy of the import permit from the country of destination where necessary. The customer provides Kipepeo Project with their import permit. Customers in the USA and Canada require an import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture.

  1. Packaging

All our butterfly pupae are packed in Polystyrene/Styrofoams with sponge or cotton depending on clients preference. A container usually carries 500-2500 pupae.

  1. Postage

The consignment is delivered by Airfreight to the host destination. The postage cost is included in the shipment’s invoice.

No. of Containers To US & Europe
1 container (500-2500 pupae) $ 330.00 per shipment
  1. Shipping

Shipments are made every  Monday and Saturday. We expect the shipment to reach the USA or Europe in 2 days.

  1. Pupae Availability

The availability of any species is dependent on the species seasonal pattern of occurrence. Sometimes we cannot provide the species variety or numbers required. In such a case, we inform the customers and provide an update of available pupae before shipping.

  1. Quality Guarantee

All pupae guaranteed to be live and of A1 quality upon delivery to the customer’s premises. Kipepeo Project will not charge for any pupae that are received dead, smashed, diseased, deformed or otherwise not of A1 quality, provided the shipment report is sent back to us via e-mail with the loss data within 7 days from the shipment date. We are sorry but Kipepeo Project cannot ensure the quality of our pupae at the customer’s premises more than 7 days from our shipment date.

  1. Payment

An invoice for the shipment will be sent by e-mail after 14 days from the shipment date. The payment should be made in US dollars and sent to our bank account by wire transfers to the following address.

All charges to be paid by remitter.

The full amount must be paid by 7 days from the invoice date. Overdue payment is charged at 2% interest per month.

Further Information:
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