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The Forest


Arabuko-Sokoke forest (41 600ha) is the largest single block of natural coastal forest remaining in East Africa. Its rich biodiversity includes a concentration of endemic and endangered flora and fauna.

On the African mainland the forest ranks second in bird conservation value, after the Congo rain forest, as home to six globally threatened taxa (Clarke’s Weaver, Sokoke Scops Owl, Amani Sunbird, Sokoke Pipit, Spotted Ground Thrush and East Coast Akalat).

Of the fifty two mammal species found in the forest 3 are globally threatened (Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew, Bushy Tailed Mongoose and Aders Duiker). Diverse populations of reptiles and invertebrates are present, which include 250 recorded species of butterfly (4 are endemic). The forests conservation depends on its co-existance with the surrounding rapidly growing rural population that is hard pressed for land, jobs and income sources.